We Take Risks To Improve Our Work

Our mission statement is: HIV Health Services strives to ensure the provision of the highest quality, accessible, culturally competent care for people with HIV/AIDS. We work in partnership with our constituencies who include people living with HIV/AIDS, service providers, other divisions of the Department of Public Health, community planning groups, funders, and the broader community. We work to maintain existing resources and actively identify new resources. We are passionate in our resolve to address the needs of our constituents. We strive to be innovative, creative, and flexible. Our constituents have confidence that scarce resources are being used in an efficient, effective, and ethical fashion for those who need them most and that DPH maintains a strong commitment to the needs of PLWH. The system of service delivery and care in San Francisco is recognized as a model and is emulated by other agencies and communities.

We accomplish this because of our reliance on and commitment to our unit’s cultural diversity and range of expertise and professional experience. We challenge ourselves to take risks, and to evaluate and improve our work. We are accountable to ourselves and our partners. We are conscious of the ways in which our work is connected to other departments, agencies, and the community. We are led in an efficient, flexible, inclusive, and visionary manner. We feel supported in using our best ideas and talents as part of a team of professionals. We value having the autonomy, resources, and authority to carry out our mission.