The specific eligibility requirements for COE services are that clients meet the definition of Severe Need OR are from Special Populations.  These specific COE eligibility requirements are reviewed and approved by the HIV Community Planning Council annually. Currently these are:

The following is to define severe need and special populations for the purposes of prioritizing and targeting Ryan White funded services. To be in the “severe need” category, an individual must meet all of the following criteria:

    • Disabled by HIV/AIDS or with symptomatic HIV diagnosis
    • Active substance use or mental illness
    • Poverty, defined as an annual federal adjusted gross income equal to or less than 150% of Federal Poverty Level (in 2019, $12,490 for one person and $16,910 for two people), which is $18,735 for one person or $25,365 for two people.

The Council recognizes special populations which have unique or disproportionate barriers to care. They need additional or unique services or require a special level of expertise to maintain them in care. The following populations were identified, based on the data that has been presented to the Council:

    • Populations with the lowest rates of viral suppression and who experience health disparities.
    • Communities with linguistic or cultural barriers to care.
    • Individuals who are being released from incarceration in jails or prisons, or who have a recent criminal justice history.
    • Persons living with HIV age 60 years or older.